Air purifier Blueair Classic 280i

Air purifier Blueair Classic 280i

Air purifier Blueair Classic 280i

Blueair Classic 280i is a low energy and very quiet air purifier. This unit is equipped with the patented SmokeStop™ technology.


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Blueair 280i purifier with smokestop HEPA filter + activated carbon

The small air purifier

Recommended for spaces of less than 26 m², it is particularly suitable for bedrooms.

Noise level

at speed 1

Room size

max recommanded

Power consumption

15 - 80


purificateur d'air pour asthmatiques et allergiques silencieux

CADR tests (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

This air purifier has been tested by the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), an independent American association that tests all air purifiers on the market.

CADR test results

  • CADR Pollen : 340 m3/h
  • CADR Dust : 340 m3/h
  • CADR Smokes : 306 m3/h

A hidden control panel

For more elegance and discretion on a daily basis, the control panel is hidden by a cover.

The control panel allows to switch on the product, to choose the operating speed, to activate the automatic mode allowing the unit to adapt its speed to the air quality. It also allows you to reset the filter when it is replaced and to visualize the air quality via the PM2.5 and VOC indicators.

purificateur d'air pour asthmatiques et allergiques programmable
purificateur d'air pour asthmatiques avec ionisation

Negative ionization

Blueair purifiers are equipped with a powerful negative ionization. The ionization is positioned upstream of the filters. 

The metal cage works like a Faraday cage, no negative ions leave the unit.

Its role is to facilitate the work of the filter

Patented and tested Filtration System

Equipped with the SmokeStop™ technology, it removes 99.97% of the particles ≥ 0.1 µm. This filter captures formaldehyde (a component present in detergents), kitchen, cigarette and paint odors.

purificateur d'air pour asthmatiques avec ionisation
purificateur d'air pour asthmatiques silencieux

Silent air purifier

Its sound level is 32dB at speed 1, it rises to 56dB at maximum speed.

The Blueair 280 is perfectly suited for a bedroom

The Classic Series purifiers are approved by the Quiet Mark association, which tests the sound levels of household products. 

Connected to wifi via the Blueair app.

You can use the app to check the correct operation of your Blueair air purifier and change its settings, for example, activate the automatic mode.

The application is compatible with Alexa

Customizable settings.

Through the application, you can customize your purifier to your lifestyle, e.g. activate parental control, program a night mode, LED brightness, etc.

Air filtered 5 times per hour

It is recommended to renew the air 5 times per hour. The Blueair 280i purifier filters a 26m² room 5 times per hour.

A connected air purifier

Connected via Wi-Fi via the Blueair Friend application, Blueair Classic 280i can be remotely controlled, for example to activate the child safety lock, adjust the brightness of the LEDs, or obtain information on filter wear status.

Monitor the quality of your indoor air and also of the outdoor air via the app

Blueair 280i purifier

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Data sheet

Data sheet
User manual
Download PDF user manual
Product dimensions (H x W x D in mm)
533 x 432 x 241
Product weight (kg)
Weight with packaging (kg)
Power consumption (W)
20 - 80
Noise level (dB)
32 - 56
26 (5 fois par h - qualité médicale), 65 (2 fois par h - qualité domestique)
HEPA filter
Number of speeds
Maximum air flow (m3 / h)
100 - 255
Odours and microparticles filtration
Air Quality Indicator
Auto Mode
Connected device
Filter replacement indicator
Ionizer function
Odours + particles filtration
Aroma diffusion
Air inlet
By the rear
Warranty (Y)
Air outlet
on top
Allergy - Asthma
Smoke - Smells
Viruses - Bacteria
Remote monitoring
Compatible Alexa

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