1. Smart heaters!

    Our heaters are equipped with advanced technologies designed to optimize energy efficiency. Thanks to intelligent features such as automatic stand-by when the room temperature reaches the desired level, our products enable you to make substantial energy savings. We believe in the importance of reconciling performance and environmental responsibility.
  2. Wide range of heaters:

    The diversity of our catalog ensures that you'll find the perfect heater for your needs. Some of our models offer the option of remote control, either via an intuitive remote control or via a Wi-Fi connection, offering maximum flexibility to suit your lifestyle.
  3. Choosing the right auxiliary heater

    Whether you're looking for a heating solution for your living room, office or professional space, our selection will meet all your expectations. Explore our collection today and discover how our innovative heaters can transform your heating experience, combining performance, aesthetics and energy efficiency. At air&me, we bring you heat where you need it most.

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