Plants (orchids, ...)


Evaporators that work with filters, by capillary action, gently but naturally raise the humidity level in your air. All our products are designed to meet the needs of your home.

  1. Plant benefits :

    Air that's too dry can have a detrimental effect on your houseplants, especially succulents such as orchids. Our humidifiers are the solution for maintaining optimum humidity levels, thus promoting the healthy growth of your plants. Ultrasonic devices disperse water finely into the air, while models with evaporative filters provide natural, even humidification.
  2. Why choose our humidifiers:

    Our humidifiers don't just disperse water into the air; they also add a designer touch to your space. Imagine an interior where flowers flourish thanks to ideal humidity levels, while your unit blends harmoniously into your décor. Our products combine efficiency with aesthetics, creating the perfect balance between functionality and style.
  3. Consequences of excessively dry air:

    Dry air can have adverse effects on your plants, compromising their health and flowering. Leaves can dry out, flowers can wilt, and growth can be hampered. Our humidifiers are ideal for preventing these consequences, by providing your plants with the moisture they need. Of course, a humidifier is no substitute for regular flower care.
  4. Humidifiers for houseplants

    Investing in one of our humidifiers means investing in the health and beauty of your houseplants. Give them the ideal atmosphere they need to thrive, while adding a trendy touch to your decor. Discover our selection today and transform your space into a green haven.

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