Low temperature, Desiccant


Most of these humidifiers are silent and more efficient than other types of humidifier, as they produce water vapor using ultrasonic waves that are not harmful to health. They're also easy to use and maintain. To prolong the life of these devices, it's essential to clean with white vinegar to avoid limescale deposits.

What are the advantages of a desiccant dehumidifier?

  1. The desiccant air dehumidifier works regardless of your room temperature.

    A desiccant dehumidifier capable of extracting 7L of water at a room temperature of 30°c and a humidity level of 90% will be just as capable of extracting 6L of water at an ambient room temperature of 0°. This is the only air dehumidification technology that can operate at low temperatures.
  2. Low energy consumption:

    Desiccant dehumidifiers are energy-efficient. The lower the room temperature, the lower the power consumption.
  3. Quiet

    Desiccant air dehumidifiers are silent because they work without a compressor. Ideal for a peaceful night's sleep.
  4. Space-saving :

    Desiccant air dehumidifiers are more compact than other types of dehumidifier. Practical and lightweight, you can move them easily from one room to another.

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