Natural evaporation


Evaporative humidifiers are very common in Switzerland, where they've really become part of the culture. In fact, it's the most natural and comfortable way to humidify a room, especially a bedroom. Diffusion of essential oils and evaporators: most evaporative humidifiers include a small cassette with a cotton pad for diffusing essential oils using the unit's airflow.

Highlights of natural evaporative humidification:

  1. Energy :

    the evaporative humidifier beats all records, and is the most economical to use with just a few watts at speed 1. Products like Oskar little don't exceed 5 w.
  2. Maintenance:

    Evaporative humidifiers are generally less expensive and easier to maintain than other types of humidifier, as they don't need heating elements or complex mechanisms to produce steam. You should remember to change the filter regularly, depending on how dusty the room or environment is. The filter will clog up more quickly with a pet. However, they may be less efficient than other types of humidifier, as they are somewhat dependent on room temperature to produce steam, and may be less effective at humidifying a room quickly, as they operate naturally.

Active filters