Medical and professionnal use

Medical and professional use

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All the health professionals such as dentist, podiatrist, osteopaths, prosthetists etc..., included medical offices, are concerned by air quality. Cleaning products used in these offices can be efficient to disinfect areas or to mask odors but almost all of them rejects VOC (Volatile organic componant) and aldehydes like formaldehyde in the indoor air. A prolongated exposition to these chemical pollutants can provoke symptoms like a cough, eye or skin irritation, burning sensation of the airways, headaches and malaises. For the practitioner’s and his patient’s health and comfort, Blueair created a range of air purifiers which is specifically adapted to fight against this kind of pollutants. With its activated carbon layer and its HEPA filter, these purifiers will take care of your office and destroy all the particles in the air and chemical pollutant and bad odors.