Secured payment

What are the different means of payment?

Whether you live in metropolitan France, in the Overseas Departments and Territories, or abroad, you can choose among the following payment methods:

Credit card

We accept Visa, CB, Mastercard or American Express. The transaction is secured by Crédit Agricole, within the limit of 5000 euros (beyond this limit, payment will be made by bank transfer). Your order is processed immediately after payment.

Instant transfer by Paybybank

This new method of payment allows automated and secure online transactions by preparing a transfer directly on your bank interface. You then only have to validate it. Everything takes place on your bank's website, you do not give your card number or any other information from your bank account. The payment is made in real time and the order is processed without delay.

Is the payment secure?

The HTTPS protocol (in the URL) indicates that you are browsing on a secure site. Indeed, the data you enter are protected (username, password, credit card number ...).

We use the secure payment of banks. Your credit card number only transits on the banks' sites, not on our servers. This guarantees you a risk-free transaction. We attach great importance to the security of transactions. They are checked to prevent the slightest fraud.

The payment is carried out and made safe through the site of the Crédit Agricole with 3DSecure. This is a device, aimed at strengthening the security of online purchases made with his credit card. 3DSecure was developed by Visa and Mastercard to enable merchants to limit the risks of fraud on the Internet, linked to attempts at identity theft. It consists of ensuring, at the time of each online payment, that the card is actually used by its holder.

In this case, an additional step takes place at the time of payment. In addition to the bank card number, the expiry date of the card and the three digits of the security code (printed on the back of the card), you must enter a single-use code sent by the Crédit Agricole generally by SMS (or by e-mail, or by voice synthesis on a landline telephone).

Is it possible to pay in several instalments?

No, we do not offer this method of payment.

In what currency do you accept payments?

All prices are denominated in euros including all taxes, eco-tax included.