Tower fans


How does a column fan work? :

Air is drawn in by the fan through the opening at the rear of the unit. The air flow is then directed to the fan motor, which rotates at high speed. The fan blades stir the air and direct it to the outside of the unit, where it is blown throughout the room. The speed of rotation of the blades and the power of the blown air can be adjusted by remote control or knob. Column fans are generally noisier at maximum speed than other types of fan, but they are also more powerful and provide an immediate sensation of freshness.

If you want to refresh a large room,column fans can be highly recommended. These days, column fans are distinguished not only by their aesthetic appeal, but also by their functionality. Oscillation, for example, enables column fans to bring a little coolness to every corner of a room. All our column fans are equipped with an oscillation function, which allows the unit to pivot left to right and/or up and down to provide extra cooling.

Compact and space-saving, column fans have many strong points.

You can easily move them from room to room, and some of our column fans are silent. Perfect for those cozy nights in.

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