In France, compressor dehumidifiers are the best-sellers, because they're adapted to our climate and environment.

Why choose a compressor dehumidifier?

  1. Dehumidification capacity:

    Compressor dehumidifiers have a much higher dehumidification capacity than Peltier dehumidifiers. This is ideal when you need to reduce the humidity level in a room quickly.
  2. The solidity of these devices:

    Compressor dehumidifiers are robust, thanks to their complex technology. Like a fridge, they can operate over very long hours.

Compressor dehumidifiers operate when room temperature exceeds 15°. Below this temperature, they lose efficiency and go into defrost mode. This technology is based on heat exchange. Below 15°, the moist air drawn in freezes on contact with the grille. It's important to note that compressor dehumidifiers are more expensive and noisier than Peltier dehumidifiers.

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