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To improve indoor air quality

In 2006, the Indoor Air Quality Observatory published a first report on the air quality of French housing. Did you know that indoor air is 8 times more polluted than outdoor air? The fact is that we spend 80% of our time in enclosed spaces. With this observation in mind, that's all it took to convince Nicolas Planté to embark on the adventure: he created the Air Naturel brand - which will become air&me in 2018 - with a simple objective: to improve indoor air quality.


In the space of 10 years, air&me has become the French reference brand for everything related to indoor air treatment.

As there is no single solution, we offer a variety of products and solutions adapted to each situation or environment, whether to purify, humidify, dehumidify, ventilate, heat or diffuse essential oils.


The aim? To combine the useful with the pleasant, by reconciling innovation and aesthetics in order to produce devices that are both efficient and design, which can even become "decorative objects" in their own right!


"air&me is the 'good air' at home. I wanted to design a complete range of innovative, aesthetic, affordable and eco-responsible devices to fight against indoor air pollution, in order to improve the comfort of life for everyone, especially those suffering from health problems. Breathe better to live better, prevent rather than cure, these are our ambitions."

Nicolas Planté - CEO of air&me 

Behind air&me, there is the vision of an entrepreneur, Nicolas Planté. Passionate about new technologies and design, this inveterate sportsman regularly indulges his passion for squash and doesn't hesitate to venture into the mountains for a breath of fresh air. His getaways in the countryside allow him to think about new products that are increasingly respectful of the environment and effective in raising awareness and responding to indoor air issues.

Indeed, if the environmental and public health problems related to air pollution are today well known and often addressed, it is not the same for the problems related to indoor air pollution, which are still unknown and often underestimated.

Gradually, awareness of air quality issues has become collective and the issue of air treatment is now a real public health objective. air&me has always been at the forefront of these societal and environmental developments. 

A company in full evolution

In 2018, carried by a new breath, Air Naturel becomes air&me. A new name, a new logo, new perspectives, a new chapter is written. 

Indeed, the arrival of a new partner in the company, Philippe Carré, brings a new dynamic to the company. Entrepreneur for 20 years and founder of - the reference website in hifi and home cinema - , he brought in his expertise in product development and distribution strategy in France and internationally. 

Air Naturel, whilst being well-established on the national market, has a new goal: to meet the demand well beyond French borders. Around the world, concern about the impact of air pollution on health has become a crucial issue. International news leads us all to question the quality of the indoor and outdoor air we breathe. The demand for innovative products is therefore considerable today. Air Naturel strives to share its expertise with a larger public.

With a new partner, new financing and new distributors for international positioning, it is time for the company to update to a new brand image.

A new goal, a new identity

To gain international influence, the idea of re-naming the company, Air Naturel, has become essential. Historically located in France, this name was a reflection of the activity and products offered. The name in French loosely translates as “the good air at home” but is difficult to pronounce for non-French speakers. 

This identity deserves to follow the new direction of the company while securing a human dimension. Indeed, this change was in line with our business, which is to produce devices specific to individual needs. air&me, depicts  a more international and modern company that describes the subject of the air we breathe. My air, my health, me: air&me was born!

The expansion of the graphic chart was to allow continuity, while progressing towards new modernity. Looking to the future, a redesign of the visual identity was therefore necessary.

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We distribute international brands specialized in indoor air treatment. 

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We are also present internationally, in Europe and Africa. 

air&me, a recognized brand

Awarded several times, air&me is a trusted brand and we are working to further develop our reputation.


Oxygen Awards

Special Jury Prize for "Innovative Technologies for Improving Indoor Air Quality" 


E-commerce Silver Palm

by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry