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Air and Me was created in 2006, under the name Air Naturel. It’s goal is to find a solution to one of the major concerns of our planet: Indoor air quality.

Environmental and public health problems caused by air pollution are well-known and often up for debate.  This is not the same thing as indoor air pollution hazards which are unknown and misjudged. Yet we spend approximately 90% of our time in closed spaces and in rooms poorly aerated or not aerated at all.

Considered an expert in this field in France, Air Naturel offers a large range of products suitable for each situation. Whether it be for wellness, health, or to eliminate some inconveniences in your home due to over-dry or over-humidified air, Air Naturel brings you a complete range of Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers, Purifiers, Fans, Heating and Aromatherapy.

We improve your living comfort with innovation, design, efficiency and aesthetics. Air Naturel also offers a wide range of new ground-breaking appliances. You will be able to find electronic measurement tools, hygrometers, cleaning products and biologic essential oils.

Since 2014, Air Naturel has been a French leader on the domestic purification market and has won several prices such as the Oxygen Awards in 2009 and E-commerce silver palm in 2010.

Welcome to "Healthy Air" at home! In September 2018, Air Naturel became Air and Me

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Air and Me, the good air at home: A range of devices to answer your every problem related to air treatment, designed for your living comfort
No Compromise!!
Let's live on love and fresh air!
The functional must be beautiful
The most cutting-edge innovation must be affordable
Clean air must be a human right (Blueair)
Everyday life deserves the best...
Are we doing good by taking care of ourselves and our environment!
Air and Me, home sweet home.