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The company


In 2006, the Observatory of the Indoor Air Quality published a first state of the air quality of French housing and the conclusions are alarming... Indoor air is 8 times more polluted than outdoor air and yet we spend 80% of our time in enclosed spaces! Based on this observation, it doesn't take much more to convince Nicolas Planté to launch his adventure: he creates the brand Air Naturel - which will become air&me in 2018 - with a simple objective: to improve indoor air quality.

The ambition of air&me? To become the French reference brand for everything related to air treatment while being at the forefront of societal & environmental evolutions. By reconciling innovation and aesthetics in order to propose devices that are both efficient and design, air&me has become in a few years, the expert in indoor air quality. As there is no single solution, air&me offers various solutions adapted to each situation or environment, whether to purify, humidify, dehumidify, ventilate, heat or diffuse essential oils.

Key dates in the history of air&me


Creation of the company Air Naturel and its first selection of products.

air&me humidifier GOTA noir

Launching of the e-commerce website Air Naturel : dehumidifiers, humidifiers, purifiers, essential oil diffusers... Everything is here to improve your daily well-being!


Air Naturel becomes exclusive distributor in France of the Swedish brand of purifiers Blueair, as well as the Swiss brands Stadler Form and Stylies.


Air Naturel wins the "Oxygen Awards" with the Special Jury Prize for its "innovative technologies for improving indoor air quality".


Air Naturel wins the Silver Palm of e-commerce, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris.

air&me dehumidifier EVEL

Since 2012, Air Naturel has extended its distribution network internationally: Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Norway, Morocco...


Air Naturel invests in the quality control of its productions with the integration of an expert. With each new production, a selection of devices is tested in order to offer you the best possible user experience.

air&me fan FANTASY

Opening of the first Air Naturel boutique in the world, in Casablanca, Morocco.

air&me humidifier CLEVAIR 2

Air Naturel changes its identity and becomes air&me to better meet a demand beyond the French borders and to establish itself on the international market.

air&me brand
2019 2020

air&me develops & markets a dozen new products. Never before seen on the scale of the company! Purifier, dehumidifier, humidifier, diffuser, hygrometer, heater... The range is growing!

air&me humidifier SOLNAN

First distributor of air&me products in La Réunion with The number 1 magazine of high-tech information "01net" selects the LENDOU air purifier: "best quality-price ratio on the market".

air&me dehumidifier ORAIN


Our brands

We distribute international brands specializing in indoor air treatment.

Our main partners & resellers

We rely on an important network of resellers in France:

air&me partner of Leroy Merlin
air&me partner of Fnac-Darty
air&me partner of Boulanger
air&me partner of Castorama
air&me partner of Le BHV / Marais
air&me partner of Amazon
air&me partner of Nature & Découvertes
air&me partner of Mano Mano
air&me partenaire Metro
air&me partner of Bricomarché
air&me partner of JM Bruneau
air&me partner of Manutan

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Our main international distributors :


logo BPI France

BPI France has been supporting air&me in
the development of innovative projects since 2014

logo BPI France

air&me is a partner of FIMEA which brings
together SMEs with expertise in the fields of air quality

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air&me is a member of the Club ADEME International Club,
which supports innovative French SMEs in their international activities