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Discover our tips for maintaining the ideal humidity level in your wine cellar.

  1. Equip yourself with a hygrometer:

    This allows you to monitor the humidity level in your wine cellar in real time.
  2. Check the ventilation of your wine cellar:

    Make sure the room is sufficiently insulated and well ventilated (VMC) to allow humidity to escape.
  3. Get a wine cellar dehumidifier:

    Some devices are effective whatever the temperature of your home's cellar. These include desiccant dehumidifiers.

Whatever dehumidifier you choose for your wine cellar, it's essential to maintain it to extend its life. Some dehumidifiers for home cellars are equipped with a lift pump, enabling condensate to be removed automatically. If this isn't the case, you can always turn to our compact PUMP IT UP pump, which is compatible with most dehumidifiers on the market.

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