Cold rooms

humidifiers for food storage

  1. The importance of air humidification for food preservation

    Controlled humidity in cold stores plays an essential role in food preservation. Adequate humidity prevents products from drying out, reduces weight loss and maintains their texture, flavor and nutritional value. Our humidifiers ensure a healthy environment, prolonging shelf life and preserving food quality.
  2. Our professional products: innovation and efficiency at your service

    Our humidifiers are the fruit of advanced engineering and in-depth research, offering a complete solution for the specific needs of cold rooms. Their innovative design ensures uniform humidity distribution, avoiding dry zones and guaranteeing a homogeneous environment for your products.
  3. Centrifugal appliances: why opt for innovation?

    Our centrifugal humidifiers are distinguished by their efficiency and reliability. Unlike conventional technology humidifiers, our centrifugal units use centrifugal force to disperse water particles more evenly and efficiently in the air, ensuring adequate humidity levels throughout the cold room. This advanced technology also reduces the risk of frost and condensation formation, preserving the quality of your food and extending its shelf life.

    Invest in quality with our professional humidifiers

    Our professional humidifiers are ideal for ensuring efficient, even humidification in cold rooms. Their cutting-edge technology, unrivalled efficiency and ability to preserve food quality make them indispensable partners for food preservation professionals. Choose innovation, choose quality - choose our centrifugal humidifiers..

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