Quality charter

Our commitment


"air&me, it's the 'good air at home'. I wanted to design a complete range of innovative, aesthetic, affordable and eco-responsible appliances to fight against indoor air pollution, in order to improve the comfort of life for everyone, and in particular for those who suffer from health problems. Better breathing for better living, prevention rather than cure, such are the ambitions of the brand."

Nicolas Planté - Founder & CEO of air&me



Functional must be beautiful



The most advanced innovation must be accessible to as many people as possible



Our daily lives deserve the best



Let's live on love and fresh air while taking care of our environment



air&me is above all an innovative brand, which regularly develops new projects with the help of professionals in the field. air&me invests in R&D in order to offer you exceptional products. The company only offers products from the latest generation of major brands, which is why we have carefully selected our partner brands. Their technical qualities, their effectiveness and the design of their devices were criteria of choice. Our quest for efficiency, performance and excellence is unceasing!

Acting for the future

We strive to provide you with healthy air while limiting the environmental impact of our products. That's why we try to take an eco-responsible approach, from the design to the marketing of our products. Thus, we invite our service providers to join our CSR approach, by finding ever more ecological solutions. On the other hand, we adopt a responsible attitude to increase the durability of our appliances. We have set up an after-sales service with a supplier who has the spare parts for our products and can therefore repair your product up to 10 years after purchase. Finally, we invest in packaging made from recycled cardboard.


Being responsive & competitive

As we know that each need is specific, our customer service is at your entire disposal, by email and by phone , to answer your questions as soon as possible. As for the delivery , most of our products are shipped within 24 hours in metropolitan France because 95% of the products are physically in stock in our warehouse in Le Havre. On the other hand, we follow a rigorous price policy, to offer you the best products, at the best prices.

Informing & communicating

Today, if the environmental and public health problems related to air pollution are known to all, it is not the same for the problems related to indoor air pollution. The latter are still unknown and often underestimated. This is why, as indoor air treatment specialists since 2006, we take the time to inform, advise and guide consumers. We have developed resources that can help you identify indoor air quality issues and our advice-rich blog covers all the latest air-related topics.