20 - 39 m²


  1. Improving the quality of family life:

    Breathing purified air in family living spaces helps improve overall quality of life. These purifiers eliminate suspended particles, allergens and contaminants, creating an environment conducive to everyone's well-being. As a result, family time is spent in a healthier, more pleasant atmosphere.
  2. Managing pet-related allergens:

    The presence of pets can add joy to family life, but it can also introduce allergens. Our air purifiers are effective at capturing pet allergens such as hair, dander and airborne particles. Air purification is therefore crucial to ensuring a healthy living space, even in the presence of pets.
  3. Quiet and energy-efficient:

    In living rooms where people spend a lot of time, silence is golden. Our air purifiers are designed to operate silently, preserving the tranquility of family moments. What's more, their low energy consumption guarantees continuous purification without adding to your energy bill.
  4. Intelligent connectivity for customized management:

    Most of our air purifiers offer intelligent connectivity for personalized air quality management. Create routines adapted to your family life, program the purifier for periods when the room is most frequented, and ensure purified air in all circumstances. Offer your family a living space where every breath is synonymous with well-being, thanks to our intelligent air purifiers for family rooms.


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