Air washer

2 in 1 : air washer

Our air washers operate simply and efficiently. They draw in ambient air via a fan, filtering out impurities such as allergens, dust and atmospheric pollutants. These particles are then trapped at the bottom of the tank, ensuring maximum purification. Then, depending on the model, the unit also eliminates unwanted odors by directing the polluted air towards a rotor. This rotor is a cylinder made up of several ribs, called “discs”, which rotate in the water. The water collects the particles that fall to the bottom of the tank. An anti-microbial cartridge can be added to the tank to diffuse even purer water molecules.

No consumables, easy maintenance

  1. A key advantage of our air washers is their low maintenance requirements. Pollutants collected at the bottom of the tank can be easily removed by emptying it regularly, saving you time and money and contributing to the unit's durability.

  2. Our air scrubbers are also renowned for their ability to regulate humidity levels. Although they raise humidity, they create a balanced, healthy environment.

  3. Combining aesthetics and functionality, our air washers blend harmoniously into any living space. Some models are multifunctional, equipped with a hygrostat for precise humidity control, an essential oil diffuser for a relaxing atmosphere, or an automatic mode..

Discretion is also a feature of our air washers. With their silent operation, they are ideal for asthma sufferers or for creating a soothing atmosphere in your home. Use these devices with complete peace of mind, even in a child's bedroom.

Finally, our air washers are perfectly suited to large spaces, sometimes covering up to 200 m². So they're guaranteed to work, whether in the living room, the bedroom, or even in offices and professional spaces.

Invest in indoor air quality with our ecological, economical and aesthetic air washers. Treat yourself to the comfort of a healthy environment and breathe easier every day.

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