Air washer


Moreover, an air washer humidifies the air in your home using evaporative cool mist technology. This eliminates the limescale problems often associated with ultrasonic humidifiers. Some air washers feature an aromatherapy drawer, allowing you to diffuse your favorite essential oils, transforming the unit into a 3-in-1 device that effectively refreshes and perfumes your living space.

  1. How does it work?

    Air scrubbers draw in dry, polluted air using a fan. Depending on the model, the air passes through an activated carbon pre-filter to eliminate unpleasant odors and certain particles, or is directed directly to a rotor. This rotor, a cylinder with numerous ribs or “discs”, rotates in the water. The water collects the particles, which fall to the bottom of the tank. An antimicrobial cartridge can be added to the tank to diffuse even purer water molecules.

    Easy to use: Some air washers are equipped with dishwasher-safe discs and reservoirs. So there's no standing water: you can clean the unit regularly and easily.

  2. Can air washer... for whom?

    Air washers are effective for both private and professional users, such as doctors' waiting rooms, dentists, etc., as they are efficient even in large rooms. They are particularly recommended for people suffering from pollen and dust mite allergies, significantly reducing their levels. You can place an air washer in your bedroom and program it to run in night mode for maximum enjoyment.
  3. Numerous health benefits:

    • Preventing dry coughs and sore throats
    • Maintains moisture in mucous membranes and skin
    • Preventing chapped lips
    • Reduced asthma attacks
    • Alleviates respiratory and dust mite allergies

    Many advantages for your home:

    • Eliminating unpleasant odors
    • Preventing cracks on wooden furniture and floors
    • Protection of musical instruments and antiques
    • Prevent premature plant dryness
    • Reduces airborne dust and animal hair

    Advantages of Air Washers:

    • 2-in-1 device: humidifier AND air purifier
    • Water acts as a natural filter: an ecological, chemical-free solution
    • No limescale deposits around the unit
    • No risk of “overhumidifying” the air
    • Easy to clean
    • Air humidification by cold steam: no risk of burns
    • Possibility of diffusing essential oils

    The natural solution for air purification

    Although air washers are often more expensive to buy than simple humidifiers or air purifiers, they can be very economical. In fact, because they require few or no consumables (filter cartridges, etc.) and are 2-in-1, air washers are an ideal solution for everyday use.

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