Supplementary heating

supplementary heating

  1. It's going to be hot!

    Our auxiliary heaters don't just provide comforting warmth, they are also equipped with advanced features to ensure an economical and practical solution. Some models are equipped with automatic functions and can be controlled remotely, allowing you to personalize your thermal comfort to your preferences, without compromising on performance.
  2. Connected and programmable heaters:

    Immerse yourself in innovation with our heaters featuring the ceramic core, a cutting-edge technology that guarantees even heat distribution while optimizing energy efficiency. Understand the intelligent workings of these heaters, which offer you a heating solution that's both efficient and eco-responsible.
  3. Some of our products, such as PAUL heaters, are IP21 certified, making them suitable for safe use in bathrooms. Safety is at the heart of our concerns, with anti-tilt and anti-overheating features, ensuring worry-free daily use.

    Choosing the right auxiliary heater

    Explore our diverse range of auxiliary heaters, from compact models perfect for 15m² rooms to more powerful options suitable for larger spaces. Some of our heaters are also equipped with a remote control, offering added convenience for adjusting temperature from a distance.

    Make your home a haven of warmth and comfort with our auxiliary heaters, where performance, safety and style meet to create an exceptional heating experience. Rediscover the pleasure of feeling at home, even when temperatures drop.

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