HPP filter


This type of purifier effectively captures over 99% of pollutant particles. A tungsten wire positively charges the particles, which are then retained by the negatively charged plates. This principle is both economical and ecological, as the filter lasts longer than a “conventional” air purifier.

  1. Advanced Filtration Technology :

    The HPP filter uses a tungsten wire to positively charge particles in the air. These positively charged particles are then attracted and retained by negatively charged plates. This sophisticated mechanism guarantees precise filtration of contaminants, helping to improve overall indoor air quality.
  2. One of the major advantages of HPP filters is their washability. This feature extends filter life compared with traditional air purifiers. By avoiding frequent filter replacement, users not only benefit from a more economical solution, but also contribute to reducing their ecological impact by producing less waste.

  3. Economy and Sustainability:

    Thanks to the fact that HPP filters can be reused after a simple wash, these purifiers offer an economical long-term solution. The durability of these filters testifies to their ongoing effectiveness, making them a wise choice for those seeking reliable, economical and environmentally-friendly air purification.

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