Essential oils diffusers

Essential oil diffusers

To make the most of the benefits of plants, air&me offers you a wide choice of devices and essential oils for diffusers. (Obtained by distillation). Enjoy a moment of relaxation with our compact, designer diffusers. How does an essential oil diffuser work? There are 3 technologies for diffusing essential oils:

Essential oil diffusion technologies:

  1. Misting:

    This is the best-known technology. The reservoir is fitted with an ultrasonic plate that vibrates. Simply fill the tank with water and dilute a few drops of your favorite oil. On contact with the plate, the water bursts into micro-droplets before being diffused into the ambient air by a fan. The misty effect of the water creates a beautiful visual effect. For this technology to work, the reservoir must be made of polypropylene, as there is a risk of leakage if the material is ABS.
  2. Cool ventilation.

    This technology consists of diffusing essential oil soaked in water onto a cotton pad using a small fan.
  3. Nebulization.

    The essential oils are propelled by a pump contained in a glass nozzle. When they are projected onto the walls of the glassware, they break up into fine particles, which are then dispersed as a mist. This technology is preferable if you want to enjoy the full benefits of essential oils, as they are not diluted.

At air&me, we only offer misters or diffusers. These devices are more compact and don't saturate the air with fragrance. Easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, they're sure to find a place of choice in your home. All our essential oils are produced in France in an Eco-certified laboratory near Grasse, nicknamed the city of perfume.

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