Blowers fan


allowing you to adapt its power to your needs. Some more advanced models can be fitted with a remote control. So you can control them without getting up from your sofa.

Air blower options:

  1. Timer:

    Some fans are equipped with a timer, allowing you to program them for a set period of time. Perfect when you want the unit to switch off automatically while you sleep.
  2. Oscillation function:

    Some fans oscillate to distribute cool air to every corner of a room. This feature is recommended if you want to direct cool air to one part of the room.
  3. Noise level:

    Noise levels vary from one model to another, depending on the speed of rotation and the materials used.

Our fans are carefully designed, so you can make your fan a decorative object in its own right in your living room, bedroom or kitchen.

How do you choose between a fan and a mobile air conditioner? Here's our advice.

  1. Cost :

    Mobile air conditioners can be more expensive to buy and operate than a fan.
  2. Efficiency:

    Mobile air conditioners are more effective at cooling a room than fans, which simply stir the air. However, mobile air conditioners are noisy and consume a lot of energy.
  3. Portability:

    Mobile air conditioners are bulkier than fans, which can be a problem if you intend to move them. Fans, on the other hand, are more compact and lighter.

Why does a fan cool?

A fan cools by moving air around a room. When it's hot, the human body seeks to regulate its temperature by producing sweat. Ventilation accelerates the evaporation of sweat, and for optimum evaporation, our body draws on our energy resources, resulting in a feeling of freshness. Fans don't cool the air directly, but by moving air around a room. This gives us the impression that the air is cooler.

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