Second home


Choosing a dehumidifier for your second home: points to watch out for.

  1. Extraction capacity in liters

    When you're away from your second home, it's a good idea to get for a device that can extract moisture from the air on its own. Choose a device with a large water tank.
  2. Opt for a device with a lift pump:

    This way, the device will run autonomously when you're not on vacation. No need to empty the tank!
  3. In the event of a power cut or breakdown, some of our devices are equipped with an “auto restart” function..

    When you restart the device, it will have saved your preferences. No more reprogramming! Discover our stand-alone & connected models, that you'll be able to “forget”!
  4. Some devices are equipped with a wifi function.

    Ideal for keeping track of humidity levels in real time, so you can control the dehumidifier in your holiday home from a distance. Just make sure your connected dehumidifier is located in an area covered by WiFi!

Whatever dehumidifier you choose for your wine cellar, it's essential to maintain it to extend its life. Some dehumidifiers for home cellars are equipped with a lift pump, enabling condensate to be removed automatically. If this isn't the case, you can always turn to our compact PUMP IT UP pump, which is compatible with most dehumidifiers on the market.

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