Thermometer & Hygrometer DOURDOU

Thermometer & Hygrometer DOURDOU

Thermometer & Hygrometer DOURDOU

DOURDOU is a small thermometer-hygrometer that allows you to quickly visualize the humidity and temperature in your room. It is also equipped with a LED that changes colour to inform you of the quality of the humidity level in your home.

thermomètre & hygromètre

2 en 1 :
thermometer + hygrometer

LED colorées

Colored LED

2 magnets de fixation

2 magnets


Tax included

Temperature and humidity at a glance

The DOURDOU thermometer-hygrometer allows you to know instantly whether it is hot, cold, dry or humid. With its sensors, it precisely measures the humidity in the air as well as the ambient temperature and indicates it to you on its LCD screen. It also informs you continuously about the humidity level thanks to its system of coloured LEDs on the front panel:
- BLUE: the air is too dry and the humidity level is between 10 and 39%.
- GREEN: the humidity level is ideal, between 40 and 60%.
- RED: the air is too humid and the humidity level is between 61 and 99%

Fix it wherever you want

Place DOURDOU on a piece of furniture, fix it on your refrigerator or any other metal surface thanks to its magnets, or hang it with a small screw. Whether in your kitchen, your living room or your cellar, DOURDOU will be discreet and take up little space.

Thermometer & Hygrometer DOURDOU

Night Mode

You can easily reduce the intensity of the LEDs by activating the unit's night mode. And if they are really bothering you, you can turn them off completely.

Accessories included

– Magnets
– 2 AA batteries

Data sheet

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