ANGE, the ceiling air purifier for professionals

the ceiling air purifier for professionals

Epurateur d'air de plafond professionnel

Easy installation, standard ceiling tile size 60x60 cm

Ensure well-being at work,
increase productivity

Available for pre-order
612 € TTC

ANGE is a ceiling-mounted air purifier designed specifically for professionals who wish to improve the working conditions for their employees or offer healthy air to their customers. Thanks to an efficient filtration system that eliminates 99.97% of air pollutants, it perfectly meets the needs of professionals who do not have an air purification system associated with the ventilation infrastructure integrated into buildings. 

Why purify the indoor air of professional premises?

In professional premises such as company offices, pollutants, although invisible to the eye, are numerous: viruses, bacteria, dust, or even VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) from glues or paints. We spend 80% of our time in closed spaces and breathe this polluted air. 

These pollutants can cause numerous inconveniences and staff absences: coughing, nasal irritation, asthma, etc. American studies have proven that improving the quality of the air in offices increases the concentration of employees and consequently, their productivity. Purifying indoor air is therefore preserving the health and improving the well-being of your employees, collaborators or customers, and helping to provide an optimal working environment. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised a strong interest in the installation of air purifiers in professional premises as a complementary measure to barrier measures.  

Who can benefit from ANGE?

The ANGE air purifier can be installed in any business premises that have suspended ceiling tiles.

purificateur d'air de plafond pour bureau et open space

Work offices

Open spaces, cafeterias, meeting rooms

Purificateur de plafond pour hotel


Reception, meeting rooms, restaurant areas...

purificateur de plafond pour restaurant


Dining rooms, bars...

purificateur-air-de plafond pour creche et ecole-maternelle

Nurseries & schools

Classrooms, teachers' rooms, canteens...


Public areas

Nursing homes, town halls, museums, exhibition halls...

ANGE, the solution for the well-being of your employees & customers

purificateur d'air de plafond connecté pour bureau et open space

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 59.2 x 59.2 x 18.5 cm (H x W x D)
  • EN-1822 standard
  • Technology : HEPA 13 filter + activated carbon and negative ionization
  • CADR : 175 m3/h 
  • Area of use: 35 m² 
  • Connected via an application and controllable with a remote control
  • Coloured indicator of indoor air quality
  • Produced with 100% recycled plastic
  • Made in France


ANGE is the first ceiling air purifier with the OptiFlux™ innovation. With its clip-on side bars, control incoming and outgoing airflow for optimal directional air purification throughout the room. 

Suitable for all room sizes

Position the device in the centre, against a wall, or in a corner of the room. It purifies rooms of 30 m², 50 m², 75 m², and more: ANGE has no limits!

Example of configuration:

  • For 30 m² : 1 x ANGE
  • For 100 m² : 3 x ANGE
  • For 200 m² : 6 x ANGE


ANGE also features patented OptiFilter™ technology that provides accurate notification of filter wear based on air pollution, fan speed and hours of use. Change the filter only when needed and save money!

Discreet & space-saving

ANGE is an extremely quiet device. Integrated in a ceiling tile, it will not impact the workspace!  Its pure design is particularly adapted to professional premises. It is made in France with 100% recycled materials.

Easy installation & maintenance

You don't need a dedicated power supply. Plus, replace the filter quickly and easily, without screws or screwdrivers, thanks to the magnetic cover.

The plus : reduce heating costs

ANGE also reduces your heating consumption.  By mixing the warmer air that sits in the top of the room with the air below, you will get an evenly distributed room temperature meaning a lower average room heat is required.

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