Professsionnal Air Dehumidifier Dolce 75

Professsionnal Air Dehumidifier Dolce 75

Fruit of an Italian design and technological innovation, the dehumidifier of the Dolce range with optional heating is ideal for SPAS, swimming pools and other professional uses.

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DOLCE complements the NOVA range by offering a vertical version of the dehumidifier for swimming pools and wet rooms. DOLCE is the result of a subtle alliance of technological innovations and Italian design, it is equipped as standard with a new complete sound insulation which gives it a very low sound level. It is also equipped with a user-friendly and modern screen to precisely control the optimal comfort of the room. This modern and pleasant design is also underlined by the steel body with paint baked, thus resisting the aggressive air of the local swimming pools for example. DOLCEis thus a durable device par excellence. DOLCE has been specially designed for the dehumidification and heating of air in swimming pools, spas, jacuzzis, thalassotherapy and sports halls, but it is also suitable for warehouses, archives, production premises, test rooms and all other areas where A moisture control is required. DOLCEcan be optionally equipped with an electric or hot water heater or even the two heating modes on the same appliance. DOLCE is equipped with a washable air filter that retains dust and impurities from the room air. It is housed in the bottom of the device and is easily accessible without tools. The condensed water flows backwards, down the dehumidifier, like the arrival of the electric cable, leaving the sides of the device elegant. DOLCE is delivered with a remote graphic console and its cable, it must be installed in ambience for a pleasant and permanent control of temperature and humidity, or be installed in another room, for establishments that receive from the public in particular . The graphic console is backlit and dialogue in French. It can be installed up to 100 meters from the dehumidifier.

The graphic console makes it possible to visualize the state of the device in a clear and intuitive way:

  • Ambient temperature

  • Ambient hygrometry

  • Ventilation speed in progress

  • Heating in operation

  • Dehumidification in operation

  • Ongoing Operating Program

And also to adjust and all the parameters of the device:

  • Desired temperature

  • Hygrometry desired

  • Hourly and weekly programming of different temperatures and humidity according to the hours

  • On / off the device

  • Different internal states of the device

  • Display of possible alarms

DOLCE is designed and manufactured for the most aggressive and moist environments. As an option,DOLCE can be equipped with hot gas defrosting, for use in unheated rooms, from 3 ° C. The body and the frame of the appliance are completely varnished in the oven via several coats of EPOXY paint. The heat exchangers are also fully anti-corrosion treated. All screws are made of stainless steel or carbon steel with passivation treatment. The condensate tray is also made of stainless steel. The front panel allows the device to be discreet and elegant, but also to render inaccessible all the mechanical parts. However, in a few seconds, the panel can be removed to allow access to the components, for a simple and fast maintenance. On the refrigerant circuit side, DOLCE is equipped with a compressor with thermal protection of the LG brand, known for its reliability, a thermostatic expansion valve, a high pressure safety pressure switch, a load control valve, a Refrigeration dryer and a liquid light. The whole thing is very accessible, which also makes it the durable dehumidifier par excellence. DOLCE is manufactured in Italy.

Data sheet

Data sheet
Product dimensions (H x W x D in mm)
1700 x 550 x 330
Product weight (kg)
Weight with packaging (kg)
Maximum air flow (m3 / h)
600 m³/h
Maximum dehumidification (L/day)
67 L/jour
Aroma diffusion
Warranty (Y)

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