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The company STYLIES is specialized in the commercialization of small household appliances for the living room or the kitchen, with indoor air treatment devices.

STYLIES is a Swiss company founded by Cristoph Sutter. It is part of the Coplax AG group founded in 1958.

STYLIES offers a range of products including: humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, heaters, essential oil diffusers and various accessories.

STYLIES appliances are known for their efficiency and are internationally acclaimed for their design combining modernity and functionality: "A combination of style and Swissness".

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Aroma Gel Autumn is a solid fragrance for diffuser by ventilation. This Aroma Gel is compatible with the Elara diffuser from Stylies.

ALAZE is an evaporative air humidifier. Ideal in a child's room or in the living room, it allows you to humidify the ambient air efficiently and quietly. Designed for rooms up to 40 m², this humidifier has a low energy consumption and allows the tank to be filled from above.


Evaporative humidification


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Vaporizer humidifiers generate steam by gently boiling the water with a heating element. They consume more power than evaporators or ultrasonic humidifiers, but are very effective and ensure well-distributed room air humidity. Furthermore, vaporizers generate completely clean and germ-free steam without additional accessories.


A membrane vibrating at high frequency transforms this water into very fine mist, which is blown to the air through a ventilation system. The mist is cold, so there is no risk of scalding. The cartridge softens the water so that the mist coming out of the unit is clean, fresh and mineral free. Furthermore, ultrasonic humidifiers need very little electrical power.



Tukan is a floor-mounted fan with a soft and quiet flow that will provide you with the necessary coolness throughout the summer.
Thanks to its 8 speeds and oscillation function, it guarantees a generous distribution of fresh air throughout the room.





Remote control

Remote control