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STADLER FORM is a Swiss brand of indoor air treatment equipment. It markets appliances that are both effective and stylish, making it one of the leading brands in the world.

STADLER FORM is a Swiss company founded in 1998, following the observation of Martin Stadler, who, while looking for a way to humidify his indoor air, noticed that no existing humidification device corresponded to his aesthetic and technical requirements. With the help of a designer friend, he therefore designed the Fred humidifier in his garage, which met his expectations in terms of performance and design. Very quickly the Fred humidifier is a great success with the general public and this is the beginning of the STADLER FORM adventure. 

Later, Martin Stadler decided to expand his product catalogue, with the desire to build a family of devices that aims to improve the quality of air and the quality of life of its users. 

With the help of his team, he therefore began to develop a range of indoor air treatment devices, consisting of purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air washers, hygrometers, auxiliary heaters and essential oil diffusers. STADLER FORM units all have a first name, allowing their users to identify them and make them their own more easily. 

STADLER FORM products are the result of a close collaboration with several Swiss designers such as Carlo Borer, Fabian Zimmerli, Matti Walker... who imagine the visual part of the appliances with passion and with the will to propose to the private individuals aesthetic appliances with innovative design. 

This resolute design approach to the conception of the appliances even earned them in 2013, during their first participation in the Red Dot Design Award, an award for the Albert air dehumidifier, the Anna auxiliary heater and the Oskar Big humidifier. Since then, STADLER FORM has won numerous other prizes in various competitions.

It is this combination of design and efficiency that has enabled STADLER FORM to expand internationally in 47 countries.

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