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BLUEAIR is a brand of the Unilever Group. It is the world leader in indoor air purification and commercializes a wide range of air purifiers for domestic and professional use.

BLUEAIR is a Swedish brand of air purifiers created in 1996.

Its founder, Bengt Rittri, originally had the desire to make the best air purifier. After noticing that it was becoming increasingly difficult to find places with "clean air", he formed a team of researchers to achieve this goal.

Initially aimed at communities and health professionals, BLUEAIR air purifiers are now being used in homes and offices.

Having become one of the major players in indoor air purification in Asia and USA and present in more than 60 countries, the company BLUEAIR is finally acquired by Unilever in 2016.

Today, BLUEAIR markets a wide range of air purifiers and accessories related to indoor air treatment. It has received numerous awards, such as the Testfakta, the gold medal "Best of the Best", and the "Best in Category" of the HouseWares Design Awards 2018. Its appliances are also recognized by environmental protection agencies such as Energy Star and allergy research laboratories such as ECARF.