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As there is no single solution, AIR&ME offers a variety of products and solutions adapted to each situation or environment, whether to purify, humidify, dehumidify, ventilate, heat or diffuse essential oils. The range is also expanding with connected measuring devices, hygrometers, filters, cleaning products, as well as essential oil synergies.

Passionate about new technologies and design, sporty and dynamic, Nicolas Planté is interested in the problems of air treatment and gives birth to Air Naturel (which will then become AIR&ME) in 2006. 

The results are indisputable... Our lives as citizens force us to live in closed environments, our increasingly isolated interiors are less and less well ventilated and more and more polluted, and the number of people suffering from respiratory problems (allergies, asthma,...) is constantly increasing. 

How can we optimise and clean up the air, which is essential to life? That's all it takes to convince Nicolas to launch himself into the AIR&ME adventure! Thus, in 2016, he is positioning the brand as a reference expert in indoor air treatment and is developing it on the international market.

Since 2014, AIR&ME has been the leader in the domestic air quality market and has received several awards, such as the Oxygen Awards in 2009 and the Silver Palm for e-commerce in 2010.

The goal of AIR&ME? To combine the useful with the pleasant, by reconciling innovation and aesthetics in order to offer appliances that are both efficient and stylish, which can even become "decorative objects" in their own right!

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