Pourquoi choisir un purificateur d'air Blueair

Unsurpassed filtration quality


Blueair air purifiers catch more than 99.97% of air particles greater than or equal to 0.1 micrometers in size.

Purificateur d'air Blueair - Technologie HEPASilent

HEPASilent technology, at the origin of everything

Blueair's HEPASilent is a patented 3-stage progressive filter that uses both mechanical and electrostatic filtration. This HEPASilent technology is combined with negative ionization per carbon head (an electrostatic filter that generates no ozone).

The air purification with ionizer produces a chemical reaction that generates negative ions -anions- that amalgamate the suspended particles. By positively charging them, dust, pollen, animal hair and other harmful volatile organic compounds - VOCs - are heavier and adhere better to the filter.

The SmokeStop filter combines HEPASilent technology with high quality activated carbon, which is capable of adsorbing an impressive amount of smelly chemicals.

How Blueair filtration works

The technology is clever: a fan sucks air into the device; the air passes through an ion chamber where the particles are electrically charged with negative ions.

The particles become harmless and noticeably heavier, and therefore adhere to the filter. This process serves to strengthen the power of the filters. Charged particles are retained on the surface of HEPASilent filters. The cleaned air, i.e. free of contaminants, is returned to the room.

The use of upstream ionization increases particle adhesion and improves the efficiency of the filter while increasing its service life.

Filtration purificateur d'air Blueair
Purificateur d'air Blueair silencieux Quiet Mark

The sound level

The unit of measurement for sound level is dB(A) or decibel. The ingenious design of Blueair air purifiers minimizes operating noise - it's even a whisper...

The noise level is so low that one often wonders if the air purifier is turned on! Blueair air purifiers are suitable for domestic use, especially in bedrooms. In speed 1, the sound level is extremely quiet. Some Blueair air purifiers are Quiet mark labeled (Classic series) but all are designed with the same desire to reduce noise to a minimum.

Manufacturing quality

Blueair air purifiers are built with metal structures. Manufacturing quality is in the company's DNA. From the outset, the founder wanted to create robust units.

Today, this requirement continues and the latest generations, especially the products in the Healthcare range, have an incredible finish.

Purificateur d'air Blueair qualité de filtration
Purificateur d'air Blueair coûts de fonctionnement

Operating costs

Blueair air purifiers are equipped with medical-grade filters designed to last and be effective over their life cycle. Replacing them is essential. To do so, filter replacement indicators are visible either on the products or through the application. Blueair Healthcare's new generation of filters incorporate an RFID chip to accurately track filter wear. 

At a daily cost, breathing clean air and protecting yourself from viruses and bacteria is affordable. 

Connected to wifi via the Blueair app

You can use the application to monitor the proper operation of your Blueair air purifier and change its settings, such as turning on automatic mode.

The application is compatible with Alexa.

Customizable settings

With the application, you can customize your purifier to your lifestyle, e.g. activate parental control, program a Night mode, LED brightness, etc.

Air filtered 5 times per hour

It is recommended to renew the air 5 times per hour. The Blueair 480i air purifier filters a 40m² room 5 times per hour.

A connected air purifier

Connected via Wi-Fi via the Blueair Friend application, Blueair Classic 480i can be remotely controlled, for example to activate the child safety lock, adjust the brightness of the LEDs, or obtain information on filter wear status.

Track your indoor and outdoor air quality

The Blueair air purifier lines

Purificateur d'air Blueair gamme Classic


Blueair's historic range of products, a reference throughout the world

Purificateur d'air Blueair gamme Pro


Range dedicated to professionals and the medical community. Not connected to Wi-Fi

Purificateur d'air Blueair gamme Healthcare


The brand new range, the fruit of several years of innovation

Purificateur d'air Blueair gamme Cabin


Air purifiers suitable for cars, caravans and vehicles in general

Blueair air purifiers by room size

from 10 to 20 m²

from 20 to 40 m²

from 40 to 60 m²

more than 60 m²

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