HOUSE KIT indoor air connected monitors

House Kit Airthings

HOUSE KIT indoor air connected monitors

This kit includes: Airthings Hub, Wave and Wave Mini.
The Airthings House Kit has everything you need to start monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week the quality of your air, for a healthier home. It detects radon, mold and VOCs for connected and multi-room monitoring.




Interior air





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Airthings Wave

Monitor radon, temperature and humidity levels continuously and intelligently. Radon is an invisible gas that comes from the ground and is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Wave your hand in front of the device to get a visual indication of your radon levels.

Airthings Wave Mini

Monitor VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) levels, mold, temperature and humidity in a room. VOCs are chemicals and odours from everyday products such as furniture or detergents. Gain comfort and prevent asthma, allergies and sleep disorders.

Airthings Hub

The Hub allows you to connect your Airthings devices to the Internet via Bluetooth. Access via the Airthings Wave application or directly via the Hub's dashboard, all data on air contaminants in several rooms, anytime and wherever you are.


Program your purifier/humidifier

Use the IFTTT to set alerts and control your humidifier and/or air purifier to turn on and off even when you are not at home.

A smart home

Connect your Airthing devices to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. Live data allows for full integration into your smart home: set alerts, receive air quality measurements, give voice commands… The options are endless!

It is compatible with Amazon's Alexa, Google and Assistant IFTTT.
alexa.png google-assistant.png ifttt.png


Airthings Wave et Wave Mini peuvent fonctionner avec des piles. Les moniteurs Airthings fonctionnent via Bluetooth pour une connexion sans fil. Bénéficiez aussi d'une application gratuite et d'un tableau de bord en ligne.

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Data sheet
User manual
Download PDF user manual
Packaging dimensions (H x W x D in mm)
205 x 130 x 165
Weight with packaging (kg)
Power (V)
100–240 V AC / 50–60Hz
Included accessories
AA-type alkaline batteries
Ethernet cable
Mounting bracket
Rubber pads
Table support
Power source
AC adaptor (incl)

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