Air purifiers by usage

What purifier for what usage ?

Our air purifiers utilization can be from remove gaseous and pollutant contained in the air to medical and professional use.

Use a purifier is an efficient way to disinfect floor, remove all the gaseous, pollutant and bad smells without putting our health and our environment at risk.

Air purifiers to eliminate pollutants

Eliminate pollutants

Discover in this selection of air purifiers, a complete range to eliminate pollutants in the air inside your home for better health.

Purify the air of the house

Purify the air of the house

Discover our selection of air purifiers ionizer, to purify the air of your rooms, with ion.

Air purifiers to remove odors

Remove odors

Following our various daily activities, the air in our rooms is generally polluted, by multiple odors, discover our range of appliances to remove these odors.

Vehicle air purifiers

Purify the vehicle air

Travel aboard your vehicle, while breathing pure air you and your loved ones, discover our range of air purifiers specially designed for vehicles.

Air purifiers for medical and professional offices

Medical and pro purifiers

Discover our selection of purifiers, to purify the air in health centers (medical office) and corporate offices.