Filter for Blueair Pro M air purifiers

Filter for Blueair Pro M air purifiers

Filter for Blueair Pro M air purifiers

SmokeStop filter for Blueair series Pro M air purifiers. High quality original filter that kills odors and destroys cigarette smells.

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HEPA Silent filter for Blueair PRO M, L et XL

Blueair Pro replacement filter

How to remove fine particles from the air, air pollution from the work environment?

Blueair's Silent HEPA filters capture the finest particles in the air with 99.97% efficiency. This includes dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, etc. Measurements are made on particles down to 0.1 micrometers.

They help to reduce allergies, viruses and bacteria present in the home and at work.

Blueair original filter

Always choose an original Blueair filter, they are manufactured under hygienic conditions to guarantee high efficiency filtration.

For decades these filters have been constantly evolving to meet the growing demand for improved air quality in many technology industries, such as aerospace, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and the electronics industry (specifically chip production plants).

Composition: paper filter, made of polypropylene fibers assembled without chemicals. 

Blueair Pro original replacement filter
Blueair Pro XL replacement filter

The guarantee of a healthy air

We recommend replacing the filters about twice a year.

Blueair filters have a low density which allows for exceptional results with low noise levels and high airflow. Blueair technology combines mechanical and electrostatic filtration.

How to replace the filter?

Switch off and unplug the unit, open the door, gently remove the used filter and dispose of it in the recycling garbage can. Replace the new filter. Reconnect and it's back on for 6 months.

Do not hesitate to vacuum if the interior is dusty. 

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Data sheet
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349 x 250 x 90
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