BULDAIR air purifier

BULDAIR air purifier

BULDAIR air purifier

BULDAIR is an air purifier that will transform your house, office or bedroom into a bubble of cool air. It covers surfaces up to 15 m².
It features an EPA11 particles filter and an activated carbon filter.


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Area of ​​use

Equipped with a particle filter and an activated carbon foam, BULDAIR is a purifier Ideal for small apartments, studios, bedroom, office, kitchen, entry or toilet Buldair is suitable for small living rooms. stays up to 15m².

His charging mode

It can be connected either to an electrical outlet (220 V) or via a USB port.

+ Functionality

Its integrated receptacle allows you to diffuse essential oils. BULDAIR is equipped with a very silent fan.

humidificateur d'air buldair

Quality and Safety

Buldair is a mini air purifier incorporating activated carbon, EPA 11 particle filter and negative ionization technologies.

Proven effectiveness

With the intention of testing the effectiveness of the BULDAIR purifier, we conducted a series of tests using a particle counter (PMT AeroTrak 9303). To do this, we installed a BULDAIR air purifier in a closed room and took 60 samples of 8 seconds every 60 seconds. Thanks to its certified calibration, three particle sizes were measured:


Device operation

Step 1: the air is sucked

The polluted air is sucked in through the 24 openings located below the device.

Step 2: the air is filtered

Dust, pollen, animal hair and VOCs are kept in the EPA11 filter which is an air filter, acronym for Efficiency Particles Arresting filter. EPA11 is a standard that applies to any device capable of filtering, in one pass, at least 95% of particles with diameters greater than or equal to 0.3 µm. This filter will allow a maximum of 5% particles of 0.1 µm per liter of air to pass.

Activated charcoal, on the other hand, will mainly destroy odors, as in kitchen hoods. Activated carbon is in the form of a light, black powder, consisting essentially of carbonaceous material with a porous structure.

Step 3: the air is rejected

The air which is purified will be evacuated via the openings at the top of the device. In parallel BULDAIR will weigh down the remaining suspended particles by charging them negatively thanks to the ionizer.

Data sheet

Data sheet
User manual
Download user manual .PDF
Aromatherapy function
Ionizer function
Odours + particles filtration
Aroma diffusion
Air inlet
By the bottom
Air outlet
on top
Allergy - Asthma
Remote monitoring

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