Air purifier Blueair JOY S

Air purifier Blueair JOY S
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Air purifier Blueair JOY S

Blueair JOY S is part of a range of compact, efficient and perfectly silent air purifiers. It fits into small spaces and finds its place in bedrooms or studios. Ecological, it has been designed in recycled materials and has a very low power consumption. Whether it's for your health, your wallet or the planet, JOY S is a purifier that does good!





Easy to use

Easy to use

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Blueair Joy S purifier with HEPASilent filter

Purify the air easily

The JOY S air purifier is equipped with the specific Blueair filtration technology. With its small size, it can be integrated in rooms up to 15m².

Noise level

at speed 1

Room size

max recommanded

Power consumption

1.5 - 10


CADR tests (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

This air purifier has been tested by the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), an independent American association that tests all air purifiers on the market.

CADR test results

  • CADR Pollen : 222 m3/h
  • CADR Dust : 205 m3/h
  • CADR Smokes : 202 m3/h
air purifier for studio and small apartment
air purifier for studio and small apartment

Large filtration surface

JOY S is an air purifier with a particularity: the whole of its lower part is a filter. With its tube shape and 360° air inlet, this filter gives the JOY S a significantly higher filtration capacity than air purifiers of the same size. In addition, the JOY S combines both mechanical and electrostatic filtration for even greater efficiency. In this way, it eliminates all microparticles and even odours thanks to the activated carbon.

Easy to use

Very easy to use, place it where you want, plug it in and press the single button. You can even choose from 3 air purification speeds and a light indicates when you need to change the filter. So you can enjoy clean air 24/7.

Patented and tested Filtration System

Equipped with the HepaSilent™ technology, it removes 99.97% of the particles ≥ 0.1 µm. 

bed room air purifier
bed room air purifier

Silent air purifier

Its sound level is 17dB at speed 1, it rises to 46dB at speed 3.

The Blueair JOY S is perfectly suited for a bedroom.

The Classic Series purifiers are approved by the Quiet Mark association, which tests the sound levels of household products. 

It is certified by Quiet Mark, an independent organization that tests the sound level of household appliances.

Finally a purifier that suits you

With its range of pre-filters in different colors, the JOY S air purifier can be integrated into all types of interior design. So you can personalize your purifier in a few seconds and add a little color to your daily life. The pre-filter fabric allows you to capture large particles such as hair, pet hair and coarse dust while extending the life of the main filter. And to clean it: hop in the washing machine!

small bedrooms air purifier

Blueair Joy S purifier

is the exclusive distributor in France since 2008 of

Data sheet

Data sheet
User manual
Download user manual .PDF
Product dimensions (H x W x D in mm)
424 x 203 x 203
Product weight (kg)
Power consumption (W)
1,5 - 10
Noise level (dB)
17 - 46
HEPA filter
Number of speeds
Warranty (Y)
Air outlet

on top
Allergy - Asthma
Viruses - Bacteria
Remote monitoring

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