Air humidifier OSKAR White

Air humidifier OSKAR White

OSKAR White air humidifier by evaporation is suitable for rooms up to 40 m². This air humidifier also features an aromatherapy function. The most economical, small and quiet air humidifier!br/>


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Humidifier by natural evaporation

Why choose the white OSKAR humidifier?


Its design, its large blade fan rotating smoothly makes it an extremely quiet unit.

Air filtration

Its thick filter has a filtering action that a traditional ultrasonic humidifier does not perform.

Improves sleep

Natural evaporation guarantees comfortable humidification, particularly suitable for a bedroom.

Humidificateur par évaporation naturelle OSKAR stadlerform


In winter, the indoor air in our homes is often too dry. This has consequences on our health: dry or irritated mucous membranes. Wooden furniture cracks, musical instruments become out of tune, etc. Using a humidifier can reduce these effects and improve your quality of life.
Humidificateur par évaporation naturelle OSKAR stadlerform

Efficient and silent

The Oskar white evaporative humidifier is designed to operate in spaces up to 40 m². Oskar provides precise humidification thanks to its integrated hygrostat and 2 humidification speeds. Living rooms (bedroom, children's room, living room) can be humidified with the lowest possible energy consumption, only 18W at maximum speed! Not only does it work silently, but it also has a night mode that allows the light from its control LEDs to be reduced. Translated with (free version)
Humidificateur par évaporation naturelle OSKAR stadlerform


Oskar is very healthy, it filters water and air and therefore provides naturally healthy humidification! It has an automatic shut-off system if the tank is empty and a lamp that lights up the water to check the water level. Oskar is also very easy to use, a small opening makes it easy to fill the tank (even when the appliance is running) and put in the essential oils.
Humidificateur par évaporation naturelle OSKAR stadlerform

Martin Stadler, Stadler Form's founder

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Humidificateur par évaporation naturelle OSKAR stadlerform

Design by Matti Walker

Oskar exists since 2009

Design and quality

In addition to its very low energy consumption, Oskar is a unique model thanks to its modern and sober design.

And for optimal well-being, Oskar diffuses essential oils of your choice through its oil container.

We recommend changing the filters every 2 months.

Humidificateur par evaporation naturelle sans brume

is the exclusive distributor in France since 2008 of

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