Hot steam humidifier FRED White

Hot steam humidifier FRED White

Hot mist air humidifier Fred White for rooms up to 50 m². This surprising humidifier hides a very reliable technology.


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Hot steam air humidifier

Why choose the FRED White humidifier?


FRED is the first product of Stadler Form, created in 1998 and has a special history with its creator.


Its tank is removable and its legs allow it to be stable on any surface: the floor, a desk, a table...

Hot steam

The hot steam eliminates germs and is better diffused in the room. In addition, it makes the air very pleasant to breathe.

Humidificateur à vapeur chaude FRED stadlerform


The FRED White humidifier is suitable for rooms up to 50 m² (100 m3). The tank is removable for easy filling. To ensure your comfort is always optimal, Fred has 2 humidification speeds, an integrated hygrostat and LED control lights.
Humidificateur à vapeur chaude FRED stadlerform

Regain your well-being

The FRED White Humidifier is designed to help you fight the symptoms of dry air on your health. Thanks to its hot steam, it will make your indoor air more pleasant. No more dry wooden surfaces, no more instruments that dry out, no more chapped lips, no more dry throats in the morning...
Humidificateur à vapeur chaude FRED stadlerform

Careful design

With his careful design by Swiss Matti Walker, FRED White guarantees an easy integration at home or in the office. When the tank is empty, Fred stops automatically. The appliance is delivered with a Magic Ball which has an anti-lime scale function.
Humidificateur bureau FRED stadlerform

Martin Stadler, Stadler Form's CEO

Humidificateur bureau FRED stadlerform

Design by Matti Walker

FRED exists since 1998

User tips

Do not use the FRED humidifier with water from ion exchange water softeners (because salt is added to the water). This could cause the unit to malfunction and leak. 

Humidificateur bureau FRED stadlerform

est le distributeur exclusif en France depuis 2008 de

Data sheet

Data sheet
User manual
Download PDF user manual
Product dimensions (H x W x D in mm)
267 x 363 x 363
Product weight (kg)
Weight with packaging (kg)
Humidification max (L/h)
Hot steam
Autonomy (h)
Aroma diffusion
Water hardness
Non approprié pour de l’eau très calcaire ( 21 dH)
Warranty (Y)

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