Desiccant dehumidifiers

This technology is silent, simple and lightweight. The air is sucked up by a fan and goes through a desiccant wheel. It contains a silica gel solid, but that does not require any replacement or consumable. Those dehumidifiers are suitable for all rooms whose temperature is lower than 18°, as well as caravans and boats.


Evel is the adsorption air dehumidifier of the range: it aspires the ambient air through its fan and passes it through a rotating silica filter that absorbs excess water into the air. No need for compressor or refrigerant gas: Evel is thus silent and very efficient, even at low temperatures (from 0°C).


Effective from 0°C


HygroSmart® mode


Built-in hygrostat


Continuous drainage
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Dessiccant, 8 litre a day dehumidifier: reduces humidity, moisture, odours in your home and holiday home. Suitable for rooms up to 100 square meters. Auto-Restart and Timer